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Online Happiness at Work Inspiration Event
Friday September 25th 2020

Would you like to learn more about happiness at work and meet like-minded professionals? Then this is the place to be!

On Friday September 25th, you can join this live online event between 12h30 and 16h00.

Get ready for inspiring keynotes, interactive digital workshops and creative online networking sessions.

Discover the full programme below.

(Main language: English, workshops in English-Dutch-French)

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Online Inspiration Event

12:30 - 13:00

Bringing happiness at work to life

Want to connect with others? Want to share best practices and expertise about happiness at work? Join us in our online networking lunch. You provide the food and thoughts, we’ll take care of the networking. Through different online activities you will be able to talk and share ideas with dozens of other participants in a safe and relaxed environment. Let’s connect online.

13:00 - 13:50

KEYNOTE "How to screw up happiness at work?"

Griet Deca, Chief Happiness of Tryangle

“Work?! Working makes me incredibly tired! After all, my employer is only interested in making a profit and doesn’t really care about his employees. I’m just counting down to the day I can start my retirement!” Chief Happiness Griet Deca definitely does not agree with statements like these. Although there’s plenty of goodwill at both sides of the table, a lot of employers and even more employees are unhappy at work. That may come as a surprise but it’s not: unconsciously, we often screw up happiness at work leaving a trace of disappointment and stress. Let’s talk about those happiness killers and discover how we can transform them into happiness boosters.

 After proposing a scientific definition of happiness at work, Griet shares a number of common business practices she’s encountered over the years. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unintended happiness killers to be spotted. Which is truly a shame if you know that happiness at work has a solid ROI for the employee, the team leader, and the organization.

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13:50 - 14:30

KEYNOTE "Building a culture of happiness"

Ynzo van Zanten, Chief Evangelist of Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t your average chocolate company, but a chocolate company with a huge mission; to end modern slavery and exploitation in the cocoa industry. With amazing chocolate recipes they set the example and show that chocolate can be made in a more responsible way; in taste, packaging and the way they build long term relationships with cocoa farmers and the way they handle an open and transparent value chain.

Tony’s ‘Choco Evangelist’ will tell the story of Tony’s roadmap towards 100% slave free chocolate worldwide and how everyone can join this movement. At Tony’s, our team is on top of the list. Because only with the most engaged and committed colleagues can we reach our mission. Ynzo will talk about how we work together within Tony’s, and how the company culture revolves around happiness.

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14:30 - 15:30

3 simultaneous workshops

Different happiness at work experts will be offering an interactive digital workshop.

Each of the three workshops is held in a different language: Dutch, French or English. Pick your favourite workshop and get ready for some online interaction.

Workshop in Dutch
Stress? Burn-out? Talk about it!

Discover how to sensitize your employees about stress and bur-nout in a fun and interactive way. Learn how to let your employees talk about stress and stress management through play and engaging techniques. Experience how to create connection even in an online workshop.

Workshop in French
The power of positive feedback

A genuine compliment, an encouragement, a kind word… the workplace will become happier thanks to positive feedback. In this interactive workshop (make sure to keep your post-its at hand!) you will discover the effects of a compliment and learn how to use the power of positive feedback at work.

Workshop in English
Be the change you want to see: 3 steps to sustainable change

These are difficult times, where most of us experience a lot of uncertainty, vulnerability, disappointment maybe. And also a lack of connection and psychological safety, the physical distancing is taking its toll. We all know that change is ever present. But how can we be a driver for positive change? If we want more happiness in our team or organisation, change is necessary. In this workshop we discuss how you can be the driver of that change by taking 3 steps:

  • prepare for change
  • be the change
  • adapt & experiment

We talk about what you can do yourself to build a culture of happiness and well-being in your organisation. The scientific theory of behavioural design is our starting point, made practical and applicable, so you can start today, and be the change you want to see.

15:30 - 16:00

Networking Deluxe

Didn’t have enough? You want more? We provide it for you! In this ‘networking deluxe’ session, you will be able to reflect with other participants about the happiness at work week and the online event we just experienced together. Let’s share best practices and experiences with others. Let’s think about the future: what actions do you want to take to improve happiness at work? Network, chat, discover, make connections… all online.