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Inspiration Event 25/9: Workshop “Be the change you want to see”

“Be the change you want to see:
3 steps to sustainable change"

by Happy Office

workshop be the change you want to see

About this workshop:

These are difficult times, where most of us experience a lot of uncertainty, vulnerability, disappointment maybe. And also a lack of connection and psychological safety, the physical distancing is taking its toll. We all know that change is ever present. But how can we be a driver for positive change? If we want more happiness in our team or organisation, change is necessary. In this workshop we discuss how you can be the driver of that change by taking 3 steps:

  • prepare for change
  • be the change
  • adapt & experiment

We talk about what you can do yourself to build a culture of happiness and well-being in your organisation. The scientific theory of behavioural design is our starting point, made practical and applicable, so you can start today, and be the change you want to see.

About Happy Office

Since 2015 Maartje and Fennande help organisations to build Positive Workcultures, where people can thrive and be happy. They give trainings, keynotes and workshops about Positive Cultures, Happiness at Work and Well-being. They are initiator of the International Week of Happiness at Work and co-lead the Woohoo Unlimited Partner network and Academy. In 2020, they published their first book: “Het Happy Office Manifest, de pijlers van een positieve werkcultuur”.