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Mental Health and Happiness at Work

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Global Online Happiness at Work Summit
Mental Health Theme

During this year’s Summit, we will dive deeper into the link between Mental health and Happiness at work, and we will focus on the importance of resilience and well-being at work.

We’ll talk to experts about

  • how to deal with poor mental health issues in organisations,
  • the actual feelings and issues employees may be dealing with
  • what organisations, leaders and employees can do
  • the differences between certain parts of the world (North America/Canada versus Europe for example).
Info and tickets

Register now for the Global Online Happiness at Work Summit
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Register for the Summit now and discover a lot of powerful content on 6 different themes!

  • Psychological Safety
  • Mental Health and Happiness at Work
  • How to build a positive work culture in our new way of working
  • Financial Happiness
  • Flexible Working
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

On mental health and happiness at work, this is what you can expect:

  • Co-director of The Woohoo Partnership Kim Hilgert has brought together several experts for a lively debate, such as David Bellamy and Chris Cummings.
  • Watch an interview with Janice Litvin about banish burn-out.
  • Discover the in-depth interview about mental health and corporate well-being with Sheona McGraw.
  • You will also find videos with tips and tricks for coping and preventionn, powered by Happiness Lab.

Register now and get a free access pass during the International Week of Happiness at Work (September 20th – 26th).
Or register for an early bird ticket (before September 1st) and get a year long access to all content.

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